As the new virtual reality sets in for millions around the globe, we’ve used our 20 years of experience in facilitation, team building, coaching and psychology, to create an incredible, virtual team building experience.

Reconnect! Virtual Team Building is a world class online experience for your team which is aimed at restoring the human connection. It is a fun and exciting mash up of fun games, collaborative team building activities, hilarious trivia and class leading remote work tips.

Reconnect! Virtual Team Building Inclusion:

  • Personality Typing and Communication Styles: +/- 45 minutes: facilitated by Clinical Psychologist
  • Zoom Virtual-Led Team Building Activities (other virtual platforms available on request): +/- 90 minutes: facilitated by 2 team building experts
    • Ice breakers and online etiquette
    • Story telling / trivia
    • Games involving household items
    • Prize giving
  • Dealing with and understanding our new reality: how has COVID-19 affected individuals and business and how can we adapt positively: +/ – 60 minutes: facilitated by Clinical Psychologist. (Customised topics available)
  • Conclusion +/- 5 minutes

Benefits and Outcomes:

Personality Typing and Communication Styles:

Assessments enable to identify both individual and team behavioral profiles, personality typing and communication styles. These assessment results assist team members to understand each other’s, as well as their own behavior and personality traits; this will allow each member further insight into that of their team members and themselves. A toolkit and skills is then provided to attendees which will enable them to build a more cohesive relationship and understanding which will assist them in working together in a more effective, cohesive and productive manner

Team Building Activities and Concluding Workshop:

  • Reconnecting Teams
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Increased remote working skills
  • Increased motivation
  • De-stressing
  • Strengthened Communication
  • Understanding and Re-framing the new reality with a positive attitude

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