Team Building

Our Team Building Solutions do not follow the
“Traditional” Team Building Model

Our uniquely designed Team Building Solutions have been designed by and are facilitated by a


Our Team building includes: Personality and Behavioral Assessments, Team Building Activities as well as a Customised Workshop based on your current team requirements. In addition, all workshops are facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist, which allows for successful and practical solution based outcomes.

By using this distinctive methodology, organisations have found the results to be;
long term improvements in team cohesiveness, increased communication, understanding and productivity which ultimately results in greater success for both teams, individuals and organisations.


Our unique Team Building Model Includes:

  • Personality and Behavioral Assessments
  • Team Building Activities, that are practical and adaptable to the working environment.
  • Team Building Activities facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist, who provides in-depth feedback and analysis
  • Includes a Fully Customised Workshop based on team dynamics and needs, topics may include:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Conflict and Anger Management
    • Change Management
    • Diversity in the Workplace
    • Leadership Development
    • Effective Communication

The Amazing Race
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

A miniature and adapted version of the popular TV show “The Amazing Race” Filled with scavenger hunts, tasks and road blocks, the day promises to be filled with laughter, learning and team bonding.

Beach Theme
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

Team Members are transformed from the stressful corporate life to a “themed day at the beach.” Activities are water based, beach themed activities that promise a day of laughter and fun, whilst developing team cohesiveness. *Weather permitting

Minute It to Win It
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

This theme is a highly competitive theme, but what adds to the competition and pressure is the need to control all the laughter and focus on winning! A day filled with exciting and fun games, where teams have a ‘minute to win it’ this theme promises to be filled with laughter whilst learning important business skills and bonding as a team.

Cooking Theme
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

There is nothing like a good meal to bring people together and find inner strength through sustenance! Each team is handed a mystery box of ingredients; 1 team member, from each team, will be required to sit aside at the start of  cooking and the rest of the team will be required to come up with a dish and start cooking –  as soon as the whistle blows, team members will be required to swap and new members will be brought in! Once cooking time is up the entire team will then need to ‘sell’ their meal to the other teams by coming up with a creative explanation (sales pitch) of their dish. Each team will then score the other teams, based on the creative sales pitch; the creativity & representation of the meal as well as the taste of the meal. The team that scores the most points wins!

Winter Olympics

Light the torch and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Warm up this winter with our fun-filled Winter Olympics! The games start off by each team drawing a country out of a hat and dressing up accordingly, we will then light the torch and begin with the games! Don’t worry you will not be required to be a star athlete, games are designed to ensure everyone has fun and can manage. Look forward to a series of exciting, yet strategic Winter Games.
Will your team take 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on the podium?

Murder Mystery: Scavenger Hunt
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

TOP SECRET!!! Without giving away too much classified information, this Team Building exercise promises excitement, action, suspense and a lot of laughter. Individuals will be divided up into groups and are required to solve the murder mystery! Who committed the crime, How they committed the crime and Why they committed the crime. Step into another world and let the crimes begin!


Who wants to be a WINNER!!
Fastfwd Consulting Team Building

Based on the popular TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? This adapted Team building is filled with suspense and excitement. Teams will need to work together and ensure that everyone gets involved. Each Team will be required to answer questions, with occasional obstacles thrown in by the facilitators. Team Building will include customized questions based on your company, industry, team dynamics and needs. The large projector screen, podiums and sounds will make it feel like the real deal. The game will have everyone on the edge of their seats, go big or go home!!!


  • This program effectively breaks down communication barriers between individuals as well as between management and subordinates
  • It teaches individuals how to effectively communicate both upward and downward through hierarchy channels
  • It relieves stress and anxiety and allows people to take a break from their daily routine “regroup”
  • Creates a positive stimulus to spark employee creativity and ambition
  • Creates long term team cohesiveness 
  • Greater ROI

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