Women in Leadership

It’s about finding yourself… and empowering yourself… to be all you were
created to be!

This workshop is aimed at women in the workplace and exploring their important
role. It’s about getting “unstuck”, and living to your full potential. Through guided
activities and exercises we explore ways to fulfill your needs, and your
unexplored potential: to be all you were created to be… Together we reflect, we
learn, we share and we unite.



  • Self-reflection, and exploring your role in the working environment
  • Increased emotional awareness through creative expression
  • Increased consciousness around who you are and your goals
  • Identify possible areas of expansion
  • Identify new goals
  • Positive Reflection and Reframing
  • Identifying and understanding Work-Life Balance
  • Managing stress and burnout
  • Tools to cope with change
  • Effective Communication Skills: Speak to be heard, Listen to hear


1 day

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