Value Based Leadership Training

for South African leaders

It has become increasingly clear that, South Africa is in need of a paradigm shift in terms of Leadership. Companies need to re-build trust and confidence in staff as well as to re-focus and align strategy on successful human capital. People are the heart of all businesses and they are the ones who determine success or failure. Lessons are learnt from the past and insight is given into Leadership in a VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).

Designed by and Facilitated by a Registered Clinical Psychologist with more than a Decade of Professional Experience


Training Program Outline:

Module 1: Leading yourself First
Part 1: Introduction to Leadership
Part 2: Leading yourself First
Part 3: EQ: Self Awareness

Module 2: The 6 Q’s of Leadership
Part 1: 6 Q’s of Leadership
Part 2: EQ: Self Management

Module 3: The Value of Values
Part 1: Personal Value Based Leadership
Part 2: EQ: Self Management (cont)

Module 4: Creating the Future
Part 1: Organisational Value Based Leadership
Part 2: EQ: Social Awareness

Module 5: Leading Teams
Part 1: Team Building and the Ideal Team Player
Part 2: EQ: Social Management

Module 6: Ownership and Belief Systems
Part 1:  Leadership Styles driving Ownership
Part 2: Cognitive Distortions & Emotional Reasoning

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