The Science behind Emotional Intelligence

A Professional and Impactful Training Course Designed and Facilitated by a Registered Clinical Psychologist

A high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) allows individuals to improve communication skills, reduce anxiety and stress, resolve conflict in an effective and structured manner, improve relationships, and increase the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) refers to the competencies linked to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, which enables individuals to understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in social interactions. A high level of Emotional and Social Intelligence in the workplace can be the key factor to a successful business.

Our Emotional Intelligence Training course has been designed by and is facilitated by a REGISTERED CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST. Psychologists are trained to work with these types of aspects at a deeper level and understanding which allows for greater insight, professional solutions that can be effectively understood and implemented, practical tools and skills; which, ultimately, leads to greater ROI and long term individual, team and organizational success.

Solution Outline:

Self Awareness

  • The Essential Guide to Defense Mechanisms
  • The Road to Resilience: bouncing back from tough times
  • Perception Management: What is obvious to everyone but you?
  • Personal Branding: Building your own Identity
  • Taking and Giving Criticism. What doesn’t kill us
  • Is Self-Esteem real?
  • Compassionate Self Awareness, a step in the right direction
  • The Obsessive, Compulsive Self Awareness

Self Management

  • Key to Managing Emotions. Changing the habit
  • Anger Management: Control it before it controls you
  • Motivation. Has it become a luxury?

Conflict and Anger Management:

  • Understanding Conflict & Anger: an in-depth analysis
  • Reasons and causes as to why Conflict and Anger develop
  • Personality typing: learning to understand, accept and work with similarities and differences

Social Awareness

  • Social Empathy. The ability to read feelings behind signals

Relationship Management

  • The relationship Continuum. Seeing whole people

Course Duration:

2 Days

  • The course is offered in-house and can be custom made to include specific examples and exercises based on the organisation’s activities.
  • The course is wholly interactive combining theory with role play, team exercises and group interaction.
  • Evaluation happens through participation and group discussion

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