Conflict Resolution and Anger Management

Training Course Designed and Facilitated by a Registered Clinical Psychologist

Conflict and Anger in the workplace is unavoidable and undeniable, the difference being how organisations and individuals understand and manage conflict and anger within the workplace.

Individuals spend the majority of their time at work where; personalities may clash, stress levels (work or personal) may be elevated, opinions may differ, ego’s may be at stake and all these factors may lead to tension, anger and/or conflict amongst individuals and teams. The results of such, may lead to increased stress levels between individuals and team members, low motivation and moral, higher absenteeism rate and decreased levels of productivity.

Our highly specialized training programme, Conflict Resolution and Anger Management, has been designed by and is facilitated by a registered Clinical Psychologist, with more than a decade of experience. Our facilitator has the intricate, in-depth knowledge and experience around human behavior and the different mindsets, this type of experience allows for individuals and teams to really shift their understanding and way of thinking around anger, tension and conflict. It also helps individuals to realize where the emotions started, why they started and the benefits of changed thinking, both within the workplace as well as on a personal level.

The training is practical in nature and individuals will be equipped with a new toolbox of skills and strategies which will help them gain a better understanding around conflict and anger as well as how to effectively deal with it.


Solution Outline:

  • Understanding Conflict and Anger: An in-depth analysis
  • Reasons and causes as to why Conflict and Anger develop
  • Personality Typing: Learning to understand, accept and work with the similarities and differences
  • Self-awareness and taking ownership of the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Understanding and dealing with emotions
  • Listening not just hearing: the benefits of active listening
  • Decoding subliminal and hidden messages: passive aggressive behavior
  • What Assertiveness really means and how to effectively apply assertion
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback and criticism
  • Individual vs. Team based Conflict and the effects thereof
  • Lessons learnt from conflict and anger
  • How to effectively resolve conflict: practical and lasting solutions

Course Duration:

2 Days

  • The course is offered in-house and can be custom made to include specific examples and exercises based on the organisation’s activities.
  • The course is wholly interactive combining theory with role play, team exercises and group interaction.
  • Evaluation happens through participation and group discussion

Who should attend:

  • All levels of Managers Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • All Team Members
  • Project Teams
  • Sales Staff
  • Client Relationship Officers/ Managers
  • Individuals that are tasked with communication as part of their jobs
  • Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills


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