Change Management Workshop

Understanding the Psychological effects around Change & Successfully Managing Change within Organisaitons

*Workshop designed by and facilitated by Registered Clinical Psychologist*

So you have noticed that people are not changing as enthusiastically or smoothly as you would like them too. This interactive workshop, presented by Chael Nel, Clinical Psychologist will delve into the deeper meaning and psychological effects around change; the reasons as to why it is normal to resist change and the barriers to change thereof. Furthermore, Chael will provide practical leadership tools and tips on how to deal with change effectively as well as influence and converse with other staff members to obtain a positive “buy-in.”

Workshop Outline:

  • The Psychology that drives people to change. What works and what doesn’t work.
  • Dealing with Human Resistance from a Psychological Perspective
  • Psychological barriers and obstacles preventing “buy-in” from employees
  • Persuasion skills and how to influence people
  • Value based leadership for motivation and inspiration
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaderships
  • Advanced conflict, anger and communication skills to facilitate change
  • Results based Coaching for Leadership

*Fully Customisable

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