International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Training

Accounting Standards are designed as a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across International boundaries. It also ensures that accounts are understandable, reliable and relevant.

IPSAS aims to improve the quality of general purpose financial reporting by public sector entities, leading to better informed assessments of the resource allocation decisions made by governments, thereby increasing Transparency and Accountability.


Course Objectives:

  • To ensure uniformity in reporting government expenditure
  • Align public sector reporting to IFRS
  • To move public sector from cash accounting to accrual accounting
  • To assist with budgeting for long term liabilities

Course Outline:

  • Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
  • The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Borrowing Costs
  • Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
  • Investments in Associates
  • Interests in Joint Ventures
  • Revenue from Exchange Transactions
  • Financial Reporting in Hyper-inflationary Economies
  • Construction Contracts
  • Inventories
  • Leases
  • Events After the Reporting Date
  • Investment Property
  • Property, Plant and Equipment
  • Segment Reporting
  • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
  • Related Party Disclosures
  • Impairment of Non-Cash-Generating Assets
  • Disclosure of Financial Information About the General Government Sector
  • Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions (Taxes and Transfers)
  • Presentation of Budget Information in Financial Statements
  • Employee Benefits
  • Impairment of Cash-Generating Assets
  • Agriculture
  • Financial Instruments: Presentation
  • Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement
  • Financial Instruments: Disclosures
  • Intangible Assets
  • Service Concession Arrangements: Grantor
  • Budgeting according to IPSAS standards

Important Benefits:

The Training course prepares Public Service Organisations to understand the requirements of IPSAS as well as preparing them for the transition to IPSAS Accounting as more and more governments are adopting this standard.

Course Duration:

2 days

  • The course is offered in-house and can be custom made to include specific examples and exercises based on the organisation’s activities.
  • The course is wholly interactive combining theory with role play, team exercises and group interaction.
  • Evaluation happens through participation and group discussion

Who should attend:

  • Executives within Government
  • Management within Government
  • Financial staff dealing with Governmental Accounting

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