Call Center Training - A Holistic Approach

Designed and Facilitated by a Registered Clinical Psychologist

At Indawo Training we believe that an effective and successful Call Center involves having; the right amount of properly skilled individuals and teams, with supporting resources in place, at the right time, who are able to efficiently handle workload, at a service level with a high level of quality. In order to obtain such, individuals and teams require a high level of Emotional Intelligence, Skill and Team Cohesiveness.

Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) refers to the competencies linked to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, which enables individuals to understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in social interactions


Course Objectives:
The contact centre is the customer’s moment of truth and will determine how they perceive and interact with the organization in the future.

  •  The aim is to develop individuals on a personal level as well as create team cohesiveness.
  • To provide tools on how to deal with clients and colleagues in call centres.
  • Understanding how to obtain Client Satisfaction
  • Looking at the overall well-being of the employee. Our training program is different and much more than the ordinary training programs; in that; it is facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist and includes emotional intelligence, motivation, dealing with stress, burnout and depression, team building and so much more. Aspects that Psychologists are trained to work with at a deeper level and understanding


  • Understanding the dynamic Call Centre Industry in South Africa
  • Today’s customer contact environment
  • Familiar challenges, with new opportunities
  • Psychological dimensions and driving forces behind Call Centres
  • The importance of the Contact Centre and Brand Reputation
  • Understanding the purpose and motivation for Millennials



  • Entering the New era of Customer Relationship
    • Psychology 101 – What the new age customer demands
  • The Emotional Intelligent call centre Agent – What he/she should look like
    • Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management
  • Customer Care
    • Understanding customers’ real underlying expectations and meeting it
    • Emotional Attunement – The fine art of reading and dealing with customers emotions
    • Service orientation. Anticipating, recognizing and meeting clients’ needs
  • Conflict Resolution
    • “Getting comfortable with Conflict”
    • The 5 Modes of Conflict
    • 3 Categories of Conflict
    • Tools for dealing with Angry and Unreasonable Clients
    • Understanding Misdirected Anger from different perspectives
    • Holding emotions and allowing Clients to vent
    • Containing emotions, not owning emotions
    • Dealing with complaints and finding reasonable solutions
  • Understanding Criticism
    • Coping with being on the receiving end of Criticism
    • The Essential Toolkit for NOT taking things personally
    • The fine art of deflection and triangulation
    • Pity, empathy, sympathy and compassion – what to use and when?
  • Assertiveness Skills
    • Healthy assertiveness vs Aggression
    • Tools for Assertive communication
  • Communication skills
    • Selective, Defensive and Listening with the intend to reply
    • Non-verbal communication for Call Centres
    • The Art of making a client feels heard and understood
    • Respectful Etiquette and use of language in communication
  • The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence
    • Understanding what Personality you dealing with
    • The Psychology of making customers feels Empowered
    • The Art of Persuasion and Influence



  • Stress in the Call Centre Environment
    • Signs of Stress, Burnout, Depression and Anxiety
    • Handling change with flexibility
  • Stress Management
    • The new age Work-Life-Integration
    • The Road to Resilience. Bouncing back from tough times
    • When responsibility exceeds Authority
    • Tools for dealing with Stress, Burnout, Depression and Anxiety
  • The Psychology of Staying Motivated
    • The Truth about Motivation
    • Motivation in a call centre environment
    • Optimism, lessons from failure, cultivating a positive attitude
    • Victim Mentality and Demotivation
    • Motivation as Personal and Dynamic
    • Goals setting, Purpose and Motivational Tools
  • Team Work and Team Building
    • Managing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
    • Cultivating opportunities through diverse people
    • Understanding Team Dynamics, Conflict and Team Mood Management
    • Aligning with the goals of the group and organization
    • Increased Productivity through Team Cohesion
    • Utilizing Team Support

Course duration:
2 days

Who should attend:

  • Call Centre Staff
  • Call Centre Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Sales Order/ Desk Representatives
  • Credit and Collection Representatives
  • Front-line Staff and Receptionists
  • Online Sales or Service Representatives

Other Call Center Training Modules Available:

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