Mental Health: Dealing with Anxiety and Social Isolation: On-line Workshop

Dealing with Anxiety and Social Isolation

It’s a lot to take in. COVID-19 has many of us feeling confused, panicked, shocked and anxious. Or, perhaps alone, isolated, scared… and in lockdown. Possibly you are walking around aimlessly in this surreal situation, or maybe just feel bored; not knowing what to do with yourself. Our emotional well-being is a daily challenge, however, most often, we are able to mask these emotions with distractions filled with our everyday lives. Now with constantly changing Coronavirus coverage, we are all adjusting to this new way of living… and the feelings that come with it.

During this, on-line, workshop, Chael Nel, Clinical Psychologist, provides interesting insight around dealing with Anxiety and Social Isolation, as well as coping mechanisms and tools to help individuals better adjust to the situation and keep a healthy mental state.


Chael Nel is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in his second Decade of Professional Experience. Chael’s method of approach and understanding, based on his years of practical experience, brings a uniqueness to his training, team building, coaching and workshops. He is well recognised in the industry as a competent and credible Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist and Coach. Chael has the ability to raise levels of knowledge, understanding and skills in people development and engagement, creating effective change and development within individuals and teams, both on a personal and intellectual level.

We have had numerous requests from Individuals and Companies asking for help during this challenging time. Team Indawo Training has, therefore, made the decision to share this short talk as part of our contribution towards Mental Health during this challenging time.