Understanding and Successfully Leading Millennial's in the Workplace

By 2025 Millennial’s will make up 75% of South Africa’s working population (Deloitte research). Millennial’s differ significantly from older generations in regards to characteristics, mind-set and motivation. To get the best from your Millennial workforce (14.5 million in South Africa), managers must understand & accept this and adapt their management style accordingly. This, unique workshop unpacks the deeper psychological understanding around Millennial’s and offers valuable, practical tools on how to manage Millennial’s in the ever changing workplace.

Who are the Millennial’s and where do they come from?

  • How society has created and shaped Millennial’s
  • The misunderstood generation with endless possibilities
  • The myths and challenges faced by Millennial’s
  • How Millennial’s redefine values of authority, loyalty and respect


The New Personality of the Millennial’s

  • The new emerging Emotional Intelligence
  • The New Identity of Millennial’s – making way for movement
  • The multitasking capacity of Millennial’s
  • Millennial’s wired for change, diversity, flexibility and autonomy


Creating a Culture that Engage and Retain Millennial’s

  • Corporate social responsibility and the impact on Millennial engagement
  • Creating a company culture that will attract Millennial’s
  • Redefine the corporate ladder and controlling destiny
  • Challenging the Workplace and the traditional hierarchy
  • Flexibility, creativity and work-life-balance


Generational Differences – understanding dynamics between Gen X and Millennial’s

  • Managing relationships between Management and Millennial’s
  • Differences in values, norms and work ethics
  • Differences in communication and interacting
  • Millennial’s, more real and meaningful
  • They don’t work for you, they work with you


Leadership for Millennial’s

  • Be mentors, not bosses
  • Recognizing the need for recognition and autonomy
  • Authenticity, moving away from Image
  • Creating opportunities for learning and development
  • Short term goals with visible results


Motivating Millennial’s

  • Perks and benefits outweighing Money
  • Ambition and drivers for Millennial
  • What inspires and motivate Millennial’s
  • The need to grow, even if it means out of companies

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