Our all new cutting edge innovative Employee Wellness model is taking the South African market by storm. Setting a much needed all new industry standard and surpassing all previous models.

Our model is infused with a new future behavioral design and the latest ground breaking Psychologically inspired concepts propelling companies into the future with the competitive edge. At first glance our programs are indistinguishable giving employees an unmatched leading edge to survive in today’s tough business environment.

Breaking all the rules and making a statement Indawo enters, once again, into the market offering several new firsts. Inspired by counseling thousands of individuals it took Chael Nel, Director of Indawo, 10 years to turn this dream into reality. Engineering a new work force that can withstand the harsh business terrain making sustainable performance enhancement a reality in South Africa.

One of the most impressive features of our programs are its design streamlined with impressive clarity and simplicity. The employee wellness industry has been given a much needed make over with our innovative design. Introducing our innovative approach have motivated and inspired numerous employees with new hope in tough economic times.

Chael Nel: Clinical Psychologist

Chael Nel is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in his second Decade of Professional Experience. Chael’s method of approach and understanding, based on his years of practical experience, brings a uniqueness to his training, team building, coaching and workshops. He is well recognised in the industry as a competent and credible Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist and Coach. Chael has the ability to raise levels of knowledge, understanding and skills in people development and engagement, creating effective change and development within individuals and teams, both on a personal and intellectual level.

Chael has facilitated training, team building and workshops within the government arena and a number of multi-national corporate sectors with impressive results. He is in the unique position to add real value to training programs due to his wealth of knowledge and his professional clinical experience in the field of human behavior, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Chael has designed and facilitated a number of courses, ranging from Leadership Development, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Team Building, Conflict and Anger Management, Communication Skills and Diversity Awareness. The workshops facilitated by Chael are seen by organisation as an investment into their own success – both now and into the future, with the ability to impact on not just individual staff members, but more importantly, on organisational growth and wellness. He has a talent to simplify complex and sophisticated psychological concepts in an easy to understand and engaging manner. Using his experience gained from both his private practice and Corporate Training and Facilitation, he is able to provide practical tools, applicable for everyday use, to support attendees to deal with situations they face.

Nic Gildenhuys: Business Expert

Nic Gildenhuys, Indawo  Facilitator & Coach; started his career specializing in the Banking Industry; he has since expanded his expertise over a diverse range of industries and has become a specialist facilitator. Nic has more than 20 years facilitation experience and his primary focus centers around Strategic Management facilitation where he has extensive knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard. Coupled with this Nic has an excellent knowledge of Business Processes and Process Modelling Tools. He also has a solid track record in Project Management and Financial training, where he has been very successful in the development and delivery of numerous successful training interventions.